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What should I be looking for when deciding to have semi permanent makeup or microblading?

Hello guys my name is Alexandra Reed and I own the Brow Game in Leeds West Yorkshire. on an average week I will see upwards of twenty ladies and gentleman who are choosing to have semi permanent makeup or microblading done. A lot of you who come to me have a friend or colleague who has used my services before. My most popular service is Microblading. This is a hand held tool that allows me to produce hyper realistic brows.

But as you the client what do you need to know when choosing someone to do you brows? Firstly we must all operate an open shop window. What does this mean? it means you can clearly see on entering my studio framed certificates. These are not only multiple training certificates but also Leeds City council license insurance blood bourne pathogen to name a few. If you cannot see these ask.

Next how do you wear your brows? Microblading is super natural. I like my brows a bit more dramatic so I personally have them shading. Perhaps you fancy natural with a bit of depth so you would look towards a combination. So now you have decided you google artists look at there pictures read the reviews but what are you looking at? I post loads and loads of photos and videos daily to Instagram. The most important photo or video is the healed results. these should be clean and crips hairstokes/ or an even shaded brow that blends into the clients natural brow almost seamlessly. The colour should match and have no signs of been grey or a blueish colour.

Find an artist like my self who hand measures your bone structure and designs a brow bespoke to you. take a look at the artist pictures to ensure you can see there styles for example I am really well known for a natural hairstroke brow

Don't be afraid to ask questions nothing is a silly question because the whole process can be daunting and at times a little shocking. At the end of the day guys you are picking someone to tattoo your face.

So my advice is.

REASEARCH: not only the artist but the style of semi permanent makeup you think you want

ASK: Ask as many questions as possible

LOOK: look at licenses qualifications healed photos and reviews

BOOK: I offer a free consultation take it before you book

Good Luck and I hope to see you soon

Alexandra xxxx

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