Q; Will I have to shave my eyebrows?

A: No, where possible, I will work within your natural eyebrow. The only time brows are removed, is if there is errant growth.

Q: Should I bring my own Make Up?

A: You're more than welcome to bring your own make up to the consultation (that is make up worn in the area being treated.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: There may be some mild discomfort, however top of the range anesthetics are used to minimise this. Outside influences such as alcohol, drugs and menstruation can heighten the likelihood of any discomfort.

Q: Will I bleed?

A: Micro pigmentation may cause pin prick spotting of blood.

Q: Will my eyebrows stay that dark?

A: No- for the first ten days, there is a strong colour intensity. This subsides and becomes lighter as the skin heals. Please refer to the case study below.