Eyebrow Reconstruction; £250

After years of overplucking, this lady lost her tails- and microblading has reconstructed accordingly.

We are able to reconstruct a full brow, to ensure a both beautiful and natural look. This eliminates any need to pencil in brows, and can save a huge amount of time daily.

Eyebrow Re-balance; £250

Most eyebrows are imbalanced; this can lead to a number of issues. A brow may appear higher than another, much thicker than another and thus out of place. 

Rebalancing allows you to achieve a perfect picture of symmetry. Using a Phi-Brows golden ration, we are able to re-map the brows to make sure each side is perfectly balanced. Some would say it achieves the impossible!

Eyebrow Alopecia/ Sparse Brows Treatment; £250

Microblading gives a perfect mimic of brow hair; creating hair where there is none. A 3D effect, coupled with shading to add depth, is a perfect answer to those who suffer from little or no brow hair.

Eyelash Enhancing Eyeliner

Semi Permanent Eyeliner; Prices from £250

This process subtly adds definition to your lash line, creating the illusion and appearance of thicker lashes. You'll never smudge your eyeliner again!


Lip Liner and Blush; Prices from £250

This process is done using a state of the art semi permanent make up machine; to line and/or blush the lips. 

Perfect for ladies who's lipstick started to bleed, or those who suffer from discolouration of the lips themselves. They're also perfect for the younger lady who just wants to wake up with make up!

*The colour does fade by 70%, leaving a delicate and beautiful natural blush. You can still wear other lipsticks too!


 Dermaplane + Extras; Prices from £50

A Dermaplane is a manual exfoliation technique, using a surgeons scalpel to remove the top layer of dead skin and velous hair.


One of Hollywood's best kept secrets of top make up artists, it's known on Harley street as the 'Egyptian facial' where you can be charged in excess of £375.

The process reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and allows for flawless make up coverage; perfect for big events!

Meso Revitalise

 Courses from £55 per facial 

Allows for the introduction of active substances into the deeper layers, precisely where they can be most beneficial.

The revitalise process causes active substances to stimulate cell metabolism in a more intensive manner, to force the regeneration process to work more effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, mechanical perforation of the epidermis using a specially designed cartridge, stimulates skin receptors, and better blood circulation; much like the dry needling technique.

I offer Hyaluronic acids, and peptides to stimulate collagen and elastin, alongside kickstarting the regeneration cycle-which is perfect for those who wish to look younger! Many call this a more natural form of Botox.