Q. what is fat dissolve and how does it work?

A: Fat dissolve works on the same basis as stomach bile. It targets primary fat that cannot be controlled by diet and or exercise. It has been used conjunction with medical procedures since its discovery.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Each injection is a small scratch. Each injection can leave a small bruise and the fat dissolve its self causes an inflammatory reaction. You can also expect the area treated to feel warm and flush red. The inflammatory reaction can last from three to ten days. Most people liken the area to feel like they have had an intensive work out twenty four hours later.

Q: How is it administered?

A: Fat dissolve is placed into the subcutaneous layer using a small needle similar to that used in the treatment of diabetes. The amount of injections needed is dependant upon the size of he area treated.

Q: How is the fat passed out of the body?

A: The fat is broken down and is passed via the urinary tract. For this reason the right candidate for at loss will be in good general health. Remember Fat Dissolve does not replace a healthy life style and that the fat loss is permanent unless you regain fat "new fat".

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Small area (under chin) £150 (per session)

Medium area (back under the bra area) £200 (per session)

Large area 

Lower stomach

Upper stomach


Inner thighs


£250 -per session